Simpson (they/he) heard about PIH through the VlogBrothers, John and Hank Green. “PIH earns trust, striving to make itself irrelevant by promoting systemic changes that allow communities to care for themselves,” they shared.  

As a young supporter, Simpson seeks to balance donating today and saving for their future. While they already give a sustaining monthly gift, they are also in the process of including  PIH in their charitable estate plans.   

“I want to live in a world where the tools needed to cure sickness are no longer hoarded, and we all get the care we deserve... I can simultaneously invest in myself, my family, and my neighbors served by PIH around the world.”   

PIH’s Legacy Society, Tom’s Circle, honors co-founder Tom White. Members name PIH in their charitable estate plans, sustaining PIH's critical work for generations to come. We hope to double the size of Tom’s Circle by adding 500 members by 2026.   

Contact or 857-880-5717 to share your legacy or learn more about the Tom’s Circle Challenge today!

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