After retiring from her career as a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Partners In Health (PIH) trustee Christine Brown is now determined to make a greater impact on public health. To that end, she is donating her time, resources, and project management expertise to health-focused non-profits. “I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved with PIH in a very tangible way,” Brown said. “I’m a trustee, but I also work with many other talented individuals to support teams on the ground in Haiti and Rwanda bringing cancer care to patients.” 

Over more than a decade as a PIH supporter, Chris has been humbled by her education in the complexities of global health systems. As she became involved in PIH’s mission, she decided it was time to include her growing philanthropic passion in her estate plans. “It’s just so logical for me to remember PIH--I see the difference my giving makes, and I want to know that that will continue,” she said. 

Chris is particularly committed to fighting for equity for PIH cancer patients and greatly values the comprehensive approach to their care. “Without PIH, so many people would not survive. With PIH, these same patients get treatment, support, education, and a chance to be cured.” 

Like many Tom’s Circle legacy society members, Chris does not know what her future holds and is not sure what the value of her legacy gift to PIH will ultimately be. But she enjoys the assurance of having a legacy plan that is intentionally aligned with her values: “PIH is clearly one of the most important organizations I am involved with. For me, a legacy gift to PIH is a no brainer.” 

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