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In gratitude for your partnership, PIH partnered with our friends at FreeWill to offer you a free, online tool that walks you through the process of writing a legally valid will. It typically takes less than 25 minutes! At the end, you can download and sign your legal will.


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The tool is always free, whether you choose to include a gift to PIH or not (thank you for your thoughtful consideration!). If you have a large or complex estate, or if you simply prefer to work with an attorney, you can also use FreeWill to find a trust and estates attorney near you and create a list of documented wishes, which can save you time and money at the lawyer’s office.

Sam CologueSam Conlogue first learned about Partners In Health as a nursing major in college. He connected with the organization’s philosophy instantly. “PIH’s model of building, teaching, and staying is inspiring,” he says. 

Though he wanted to financially support PIH, doing so would be challenging as a new graduate at the beginning of his nursing career. Researching other ways to contribute, Conlogue learned about the perfect solution: making PIH a beneficiary to his retirement account. All it took was filling out a change of beneficiary form online. 

It’s something he recommends to anyone who, like him, is passionate about global health equity and can make a deferred, rather than an immediate, donation. “Making PIH a beneficiary is a secure way to know your money will help others and leave a lasting impact, even if you’re unable to make a financial gift in the present,” he says. 

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