In the early 2000s, Al and Diane Kaneb were inspired by Tracy Kidder’s article “The Good Doctor” in The New Yorker and wanted to learn more about Dr. Paul Farmer and PIH. They knew PIH Co-founder Tom White, and asked Tom for an introduction. 
“PIH stands out by its commitment to long-term partnership,” Al Kaneb said. “It takes decades of commitment to make a lasting impact on disease and impoverishment.” 
Al generously served on PIH’s Board and Finance Committee for over 20 years. He and Diane decided to remember PIH in their estate plan with a legacy gift (a deferred gift by will, trust, annuity, or other accounts). Legacy gifts sustain PIH’s work by allowing the organization to be agile, innovative, and financially resilient. 
PIH’s legacy society, Tom’s Circle, is named after Tom White. Tom was PIH’s very first donor and put PIH on the global health map. Al and Diane’s legacy through Tom’s Circle will save lives for decades to come. 
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