Donna Nixon’s first gift to Partners In Health came after she watched the documentary “Bending the Arc”. Donna was impressed with PIH’s unique mission and community-empowering approach as she learned more, and began giving monthly. “Traditional charity leaves much of the underlying conditions that cause health, social, and economic disparities in place. PIH eliminates the conditions that create health inequities. I don't want to pour money into an open wound. I want to help permanently heal the conditions that caused the harm.”

As Donna began to consider her estate plans, her reflections on the inequities that PIH works to heal inspired her to list PIH as a charitable beneficiary of her retirement account. “The legacies of colonialism are directly connected to the circumstances people in PIH-served communities endure. If my ancestors were not forcibly shipped to the U.S., I might be in similar circumstances. I want to do what I can to improve lives, especially in Haiti and across Africa."

Donna encourages other PIH supporters to seek education about the estate planning process. “Learn the best ways that you can set up your estate for giving. The easiest and fastest way for me was through a beneficiary designation.”
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