Kaori Fujishiro and Reginald Dyck

Kaori Fujishiro and Reginald Dyck of Cincinnati, Ohio, admire how PIH holds a local focus and global vision for a more just world.

As a public health researcher, Kaori investigates the structural causes of health inequity and possible solutions. Reginald is a retired professor. He previously taught Native American and Latin American literature. He encouraged his students to explore the impacts of colonialism in places like Haiti and Navajo Nation, where PIH works. As a couple, financially supporting PIH’s work is an extension of their fight for structural change. They joined Paul’s Partners with a monthly gift in 2010 and are members of PIH’s Leadership Giving Society.

In 2015, they discovered a new way to sustain PIH’s work. They joined PIH’s legacy society, Tom’s Circle (named after Tom White, a PIH co-founder and philanthropist), by designating PIH as a beneficiary of their charitable estate plan. As members of Tom’s Circle, they ensure their commitment to this critical work will endure.

“We see what we have gained financially through our own efforts but also through the structural inequalities that have benefited us. We need to find ways to act responsibly. For us, a legacy with PIH is one of those ways.”

Consider a legacy gift to PIH through your charitable estate plans. It’s an easy way to make a big impact for generations to come. For more information or to join Tom’s Circle, please contact: giftplanning@PIH.org or 857-880-5717.


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