There are many options for donating your home, second home, commercial building, raw land, farm, or other real estate to Partners In Health. There may be a gift plan available that will help you achieve your charitable and financial goals.

A gift of real estate could be right for you if:

  • You own real estate for which you no longer want to be responsible.
  • You are willing to donate your home if you can continue to live in it.
  • You own real estate that you are willing to sell to us for a bargain price.
  • You own real estate that you are willing to donate if you get income in return.
  • You want to save income taxes.
  • You want to make a generous gift to PIH.

How it works

Here are some common techniques for making a gift of real estate to PIH.

  • Give your real estate now.
  • Give your home now, but continue to live in it as long as you wish.
  • Give your real estate through your estate.
  • Give a portion of your real estate and keep the rest.
  • Sell your real estate to us for less than its appraised value.

How Your Gift Helps

Partners In Health works in remote places where health care is limited or barely exists. Your gift will helps us accomplish our collective vision and mission. This includes:

Every year we provide free, comprehensive medical care to hundreds of thousands of women and children... We hire and train community health workers to help patients overcome obstacles to health care and... We treat patients and run education and prevention campaigns to control cholera, Ebola and HIV/AIDS.


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The common techniques for making gifts of real estate are each briefly described below. We would be happy to discuss with you which technique might be best for your particular situation and goals.

Transfer your real estate to us outright
This is the simplest way for you to give Partners In Health a piece of real estate. By giving us all rights to your real estate, you will maximize your support of PIH, and you will earn an income tax deduction equal to the full appraised value of your real estate.

Sell your real estate to us for less than its appraised value
When you sell PIH your real estate in a "bargain sale" arrangement, you will enjoy several benefits. You will receive an immediate cash payment equal to the sale price and an income tax deduction for the difference between your sale price and the appraised value of your property. You will also avoid capital gains tax on your gain in the gift portion of the arrangement.

Give your home to us, but continue to live in it as long as you wish
When you give your home to PIH subject to a "retained life estate," you can continue to live in your home for as long as you wish, for the rest of your life, or for the lives of you and your spouse. You will earn an immediate income tax deduction for a portion of the value of your home. You also can make a retained life estate gift using a second home, farm, or any structure you use as a personal residence.

Give your real estate now and receive variable payments for life
Using a gift arrangement called a "flip unitrust," you can give your real estate now and start receiving payments as soon as your real estate has been sold. Your payments will vary with the value of your flip unitrust. Payments equal to 5% or 6% of trust value are typical. You will also receive a substantial income tax deduction. In addition, there will be no immediate capital gains tax on the sale of your real estate.

Give us a portion of your real estate holding
Rather than give us all of your real estate holding, you can give us an "undivided interest." For example, if you own 100 acres of farm land, you could give us 50 acres. You will receive an immediate income tax deduction for the value of the portion you give. You will, of course, retain complete control of the portion of your real estate that you choose to keep.

Give your real estate through your estate
By making a gift of real estate through your estate, you will retain use of your property during your life. What's more, you can change your gift plan whenever you wish, should your circumstances or priorities change. Putting your gift of real estate into your estate plan now will help assure that your wishes will be carried out later. You may also save estate taxes.

Special considerations when giving real estate
Giving real estate to our organization requires some extra steps of which you should be aware. These steps include the following:

  1. You will need to establish the value of your property by obtaining a qualified appraisal. To be valid for claiming your charitable income tax deduction, your appraisal must be conducted no more than 60 days before your donation and no later than the due date, including extensions, of your next tax return.
  2. In addition to your appraiser's valuation, we will need to examine your property and conduct our own independent analysis of its value. For example, we will want to know if there are any debts, taxes, or liens owed on your property. 
  3. Once we accept your gift of real estate, we become responsible for cleaning up any environmental problems your property may have. This sort of cleanup could be very expensive. Therefore, before we accept any gift of real estate, we routinely conduct a review to make sure the property has no environmental issues.


Juan Perez owns several buildings in his hometown. While they have been a good investment for him over the years, he's ready to stop being a landlord. His properties have grown substantially in value, so he's concerned that he will have a big capital gains tax bill to worry about if he sells them. He would also like to show his dedication to Partners In Health by making a major gift.

One of Juan's buildings is appraised for $300,000. He purchased it for $45,000. Juan proposes that he donate it to us which will eliminate his concern over capital gains tax. After performing our own review of the property, we confirm that the appraised value is accurate and that we have no environmental or financial concerns regarding Juan's property.


  • Juan receives a $300,000 income tax deduction.
  • Juan saves $111,000 in income tax and $51,000 in capital gains tax.
  • Juan is relieved of all responsibilities of owning the property.
  • Juan gains the satisfaction of providing substantial support to PIH.


The gift planning material presented on this website is not offered as legal, tax, or financial advice. Prospective supporters are urged to consult with an attorney, financial advisor, estate planner, or accountant before making any arrangements or gifts.