Make a Gift with a Donor-Advised Fund

The Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) is an increasingly popular way to make a charitable gift. DAFs can provide you with immediate tax benefits while making your charitable giving easier. Here are two simple ways you can make a gift through your DAF:

  • Make an outright gift now by recommending a grant to Partners In Health.
  • Create a succession plan to recommend that Partners In Health receive all or a portion of the fund value upon the termination of the fund.

Partners In Health has partnered with Chariot and FreeWill to ensure a simple and effective tool to automatically submit a gift recommendation to your advisor. The tool supports 1,000+ Donor Advised Fund providers and the tool only takes a few clicks.

Initiate Gift

If you prefer not to use PIH’s tool, please contact your financial institution directly to make a gift recommendation. If you're planning to make a gift from your DAF outside of the PIH tool, please complete this form to let us know. This will allow PIH to connect your gift to your record so we can thank you for your support and ensure your gift goes to the right place.

Did you know?

Funding your DAF with appreciated stock or mutual funds? You can gift those directly to PIH!
You can create a legacy with PIH through your DAF. List PIH as a beneficiary of your account today! If you include Partners In Health in your sucession plans, please let us know and be sure to use our legal name and federal tax ID.

Legal Name:  Partners In Health, a Nonprofit Corporation
Address:  800 Boylston Street, Suite 300, Boston, MA 02199
Federal Tax ID Number: 04-3567502

The gift planning material presented on this website is not offered as legal, tax, or financial advice. Prospective supporters are urged to consult with an attorney, financial advisor, estate planner, or accountant before making any arrangements or gifts.