A gift of cryptocurrency, the tradable digital asset or digital form of money, can be an excellent way to advance the mission of Partners In Health. The I.R.S. treats bitcoin and other virtual currencies as property rather than a currency, meaning that they are taxed in a manner similar to stocks or real property and subject to capital gains taxes if held as a capital asset in the donor’s hands. Partners In Health has partnered with Crypto for Charity by FreeWill to ensure a simple and effective solution for securely and instantly transferring crypto donations to support our lifesaving health care around the world.

A gift of virtual currency may be right for you if:

  • You own virtual currency that you bought at least one year ago.
  • The virtual currency has grown significantly in value since you bought them.
  • You want to save income taxes or capital gains taxes.
  • You would like to make a meaningful gift to Partners In Health.

Owners of cryptocurrency are aware that prices can change rapidly. To limit the risk of price volatility, the cryptocurrency is liquidated as soon as practical and we use the gift immediately for accessible and high-quality health care. As with other non-cash contributions, you must be careful to transfer ownership of the cryptocurrency itself to Partners In Health; avoid directing the sale of the cryptocurrency yourself because that could trigger adverse tax consequences for you.

Your contribution may qualify for an income tax charitable deduction. If you owned your cryptocurrency for more than one year, your deduction will be for the current dollar value of the cryptocurrency. If your deduction is more than $5,000, you will need to obtain a qualified appraisal to document the value of the cryptocurrency. Partners In Health’s partner Crypto for Charity by FreeWill will provide you with a written acknowledgment showing the date of the gift and a description of the cryptocurrency you contributed.

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We would be happy to work with you and your advisors to help you make a contribution of cryptocurrency.  Please contact Christopher Rogers at crogers@pih.org.

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Cryptocurrency FAQ

Partners In Health eases pain, cures illness, and saves lives in the communities we have the great privilege of serving. Together, we refuse to accept that any life is worth less than another and we are bringing high-quality health care to those who need it most.  

Your cryptocurrency gifts can help PIH bend the arc toward justice. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.

What is cryptocurrency? 
Cryptocurrencies, also called crypto, are digital or virtual forms of money. They are increasingly being used to buy goods and services and as investment vehicles for long- and short-term gains, like property or stocks.

Why do supporters like to give cryptocurrency? 
Many crypto investors have seen significant appreciation in the values of their crypto assets in recent years. As the regulatory landscape matures, many are encountering capital gains tax for the first time – and realizing the benefits they can receive by donating their crypto to charity instead of selling it.

Like property or stocks in the U.S., cryptocurrencies are subject to federal capital gains taxes, which are taxed when an individual sells the asset. The crypto tax rate for federal taxes is the same as the capital gains tax rate. For long-term capital gains (holding the coin for 365+ days), taxes range from 0-20% depending on income. For short-term capital gains (holding the coin for 365 days or less), capital gains are taxed at income tax rates of 10-37%.

When supporters give crypto directly to charity, they avoid capital gains taxes. They may also receive a federal tax deduction against their income tax for the full value of the gift.  

This means it costs supporters less to make a gift of cryptocurrency than it would to sell their crypto and give the proceeds in cash.

Why does PIH accept cryptocurrency? 
Nearly one in five Americans have invested in, traded, or used cryptocurrency. Recent research shows unprecedented generosity among cryptocurrency owners, especially millennials (three quarters of cryptocurrency donors are under 45). PIH is not an expert in cryptocurrency but we are experts at delivering high-quality health care to those who need it most and welcome support from partners across age and socioeconomic statuses to help make this critical work possible.

Which cryptocurrencies do you accept? 
Over 100+ currencies and NFTs are now receivable by PIH. PIH’s crypto tool Crypto for Charity by FreeWill is the most comprehensive product for crypto generosity and accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and even NFT drop proceeds.

What fees are taken from my gift for the transaction? 
Our partner Crypto for Charity by FreeWill takes zero fees from the supporter and there are no transaction fees. 100% of the net proceeds goes to PIH.  

What happens to my cryptocurrency once it is donated through your platform? 
PIH accepts cryptocurrency through Crypto for Charity. Crypto for Charity acknowledges the supporter for the gift, liquidates the asset, and sends the proceeds to PIH to have an immediate impact on our lifesaving work around the world. PIH does not have to touch the asset for the organization to use it!

Can cryptocurrency gifts be matched?  
Use PIH’s employer match search tool to see if you can have the impact of your gift double or tripled today!

What is cryptogiving Tuesday? 
#CryptoGivingTuesday is the largest giving day for crypto fundraising. It takes place annually on the Tuesday after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Can I donate anonymously? 
Contact information must be provided to receive a tax receipt for any gift.

Is donating crypto safe and secure? 
Yes, giving via Crypto for Charity is entirely secure. Crypto for Charity accepts and then liquidates the crypto before distributing the donation to PIH. Donors will immediately receive a tax acknowledgment letter for their donation to Partners In Health from Crypto for Charity.

Can you donate cryptocurrency to PIH from outside the United States?  

Because everyone’s situation is different, we encourage you to seek professional legal, estate planning, and financial advice before deciding on a course of action. This information does not constitute legal or financial advice and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional advice. 

The gift planning material presented on this website is not offered as legal, tax, or financial advice. Prospective supporters are urged to consult with an attorney, financial advisor, estate planner, or accountant before making any arrangements or gifts.