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In gratitude for your partnership, PIH partnered with our friends at FreeWill to offer you a free, online tool that walks you through the process of writing a legally valid will. It typically takes less than 25 minutes! At the end, you can download and sign your legal will.


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The tool is always free, whether you choose to include a gift to PIH or not (thank you for your thoughtful consideration!). If you have a large or complex estate, or if you simply prefer to work with an attorney, you can also use FreeWill to find a trust and estates attorney near you and create a list of documented wishes, which can save you time and money at the lawyer’s office.

Tom’s Circle: A legacy of generosity endures

bladelBeth and John van Bladel, of Delanson, N.Y., have found myriad w ays to support Partners In Health and our mission: Beth founded and runs her own community health project, and John teaches his community college students about PIH. As a couple, they’ve made annual contributions for years.

But in 2006, Beth and John discovered a new way to support our work. They joined PIH’s legacy society by designating PIH as a beneficiary in their will. As members of Tom’s Circle, named in memory of PIH co-founder and longtime benefactor Tom White, Beth and John have ensured that their support of PIH will endure. Beth, who works as a volunteer patient advocate, said she was happy to think that the financial resources they set aside for future medical needs could also help others. 

“Planned giving does not have to be complicated,” Beth said. “We do not have the same financial resources as Tom White. But we have sufficient resources to live with a roof over our heads, buy food, and receive quality medical care. The least we could do was add Partners In Health to our will.”

Consider a planned gift to PIH through your will or trust:
It’s an easy way to provide sustainable, high-quality health care to the poorest of the poor for years to come. 

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